My name is Melanie Gerchberg and I'm a born and bred Philadelphian. I love my city and I love sharing it with others. I've lived all over the world, from Israel to Taiwan to China, and I've always come back to Philadelphia because this is the place that I choose to call home.


After graduating with a BA in Philosophy from Binghamton University I began my career in teaching, which took me to Asia as an ESL teacher. I then moved into the corporate world where I spent 8 years working for Verizon Wireless before making a leap into a brief stint in Politics as a Deputy Campaign Manager for Ori Feibush as a Philadelphia City Council candidate. From there I worked as the VP of Operations at OCF Realty and then jumped into the nonprofit world as a Director at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. 


Eric and I welcomed our first son, Lev Rayne, into the family in January of 2019, at which point we decided to have me join the Eric J Gerchberg Real Estate team. Not only do I get to be part of the OCF Realty family again, but I get to work with my best friend as we grow our family business together. 


We look forward to working with you!



Mobile: 215.805.1069


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